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Selamat Datang (means “welcome” in our local language)! Sandakan: The Gateway to Borneo’s Wildlife.

We are elated that you are able to find us in the WWW. Are you getting tired of searching endlessly and not being able to find sufficient information that you need? Do not fret because you are at the right place now.

Our website aims to provide adequate and relevant information (not history books) for tourists to make decisions. Spend some time browsing the ‘Places Of Interest‘ page if you would like to know more about the area before your visit. If you are happy about the information and would love to go there, kindly inform us so we may make necessary arrangements for you. Else, we are more than sorry but you did learn something right?

Whether or not you are a Free Independent Traveler (FIT) or Group Travellers or Travel Agents, you can rely on us because we are the ‘specialists’ in Sandakan. Let us be your One Stop Sandakan Travel Solution.

We have specially and carefully selected 5 packages which we think are the best tours of all time. Browse through them and feel free to ask us any questions which by far, i think we can handle 100 questions from you! Are you ready? We are very ready……

Come and travel with us. You will have an enjoyable and unbeatable experience with us.

ps: If you do not love wildlife, jungle, nature and forest, please develop this interest first before you come to Sandakan!

Terima Kasih (means “Thank You” in our local language).

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